Power of Zehn

The Schmitten mountain restaurants as well as the ski-rental at the Schmitten join the popular youth special „Power of Zehn“ now. Power of Zehn is also valid for Intersport Schmitten ski-rental and mountain restaurants.

Only at the Schmitten – „Power of Zehn cubed“

The Zehn-Master as well-known spokesmodel of Saturday´s youth special „Power of Zehn“ has developed two more wisdoms exclusively for the Schmitten at the turn of the year which inspire kids and teens under 19. One of them says: „You can eat Schnitzel for 10 Euros“.

This means that on Saturdays every youth person under 19 (age group born 1993 to 2005) gets two additional vouchers to the beneficial Power-of-Zehn-dayticket (10 Euros). With one of those vouchers the person gets a „Wiener Schnitzel“ with fries and a non-alcoholic drink in one of the mountain restaurants for 10 Euros, for the second voucher – to redeem in all Intersport Schmitten shops – the wisdom says: „Rent your skis for 10 Euros, affordable as never before.“ With cool skis or snowboards youngsters can rock the pistes at the Schmitten-Funpark then!


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