Alpine Ski Championships 2021: Saalbach applying

Saalbach-Hinterglemm has announced their ambition to organize the Alpine Ski World Championships  in 2021. Bartl Gensbichler, the president of the Salzburg Ski Federation confirmed this recently. With St. Anton – Lech and the Brixen Valley, there are already two other Austrian resorts with the same idea, but Gensbichler believes that Saalbach can repeat the success of the 1991 World Championships again.

The preliminary internal Austrian decision on the winning candidate is expected in the fall of 2014.

The FIS Alpine World Ski Championships are organized by the International Ski Federation (FIS). The first world championships in alpine skiing were held in 1931. During the 1930s, the event was held annually in Europe, until interrupted by the outbreak of World War II, preventing a 1940 event. An event was held in 1941, but included competitors only from nations from the Axis powers (or nations not at war with them), and the results were later cancelled by the FIS in 1946 because of the limited number of participants, so they are not considered official.

Following the war, the championships were connected with the Olympics for several decades. From 1948–82, the competition was held every two years, with the Winter Olympics acting as the World Championships in Olympic years, and a separate competition held in even-numbered non-Olympic years. The 1950 World Championships in Aspen were the first official championships separate of the Olympics since 1939, and the first held outside of Europe.

During Olympic years, extra World Championships medals were awarded in the combined event, using the results of the slalom and downhill events, as the combined did not return as an official Olympic event until 1988. Since 1985, the World Championships have been scheduled in odd-numbered years, independent of the Winter Olympics. A lack of snow in southern Spain in 1995 caused a postponement of the World Championships to the following year.

This year, the World Championships take place in Schladming.


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