Pottery from Gmunden

From the former owners of Haus Gassner, we ‘inherited’ a pottery collection that was, to a large extend, hiding in the basement. We thought it was a shame so we displayed almost all the pieces at the entrance hall. It turns out that this is the famous Gmunden pottery.

Since the 17th century Gmunden is considered to be the place for a traditional Austrian craftsmanship: The high art of pottery. Artists came here to work and were inspired by the natural beauty of the area around the lake “Traunsee”. They made the first ceramic products which stood out in their beauty and design. Gmunder`s most popular and famous design “Grüngeflammt” was made at that time!

The origin of Austrian dining culture

In 1843 Franz Schleiss bought the pottery at Graben, which had been in existence since about 1500. His son, Leopold Schleiss, founded the Gmunden Earthenware Factory in 1903 on the site of the present Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur GmbH. The 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2003.

Johannes Hohenberg bought the firm in 1968. While the main focus then lied on ornamental art, it shifted to the production of tableware. The “Dizzy” became the flagship of the Company and Austria began to identify itself with “its” traditional tableware.

In 1997 Graf Johannes von Moy had taken the company Gmundner over and handed the firm to his son Graf Max von Moy in 2011. Gmundner`s CEO is Jakob von Wolff.

Inspired by the scenic beauty of the Salzkammergut a craftsmanship developed in Gmunden that set standards for dining culture: Gmundner Keramik. Since 1492, the same year that Christopher Columbus discovered America, we at Gmundner produce just the finest piece of art you will find in Austria.

Gmundner today

Today Gmundner is part of a new dining culture. A perfect match for those with a certain demand for something special, something extraordinary. As our costumers we also strive for these values. Gmundner stands for hospitality and the love for tradition and nature. Every piece we make is handmade and unique. Give your dining environment a touch of Austria and take all these amazing memories of this beautiful country home with you.


– About 120 employees make Gmundner the largest ceramic-manufacturer in Central Europe.

– Production capacity is about 5000 pieces per day.

– 50% of Austria`s households own at least one piece of Gmundner. Brand awareness lies at 87 %!

– Gmundner is the market leader for dining culture in Austria

– The most important export market is Germany. Other destinations are Japan, USA, Slovenia, Italy, France, England and Switzerland.

– The export ratio is 25 %


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