Austrian autobahn-vignette 2016

For most of our guests, our house in Niedernsill is easily reachable without the necessity of using Austrian highways but for those who wish to buy the highway coupon, herewith the fresh information:
The 2016 Austrian Autobahn-Vignette will be colored in “Mandarin-Orange” and will be 1,5 % more expensive than in 2015.

Overview of prices for 2016:

Personal car up to 3,5t:
All year vignette: EUR 85,70
2 months vignette: EUR 25,70
10 days vignette: EUR 8,80

All year vignette: EUR 34,10 
2 months vignette: EUR 12,90
10 days vignette: EUR 5,10 

The new vignettes are valid from 1.12.2015, the current ones (2015, blue) remain valid till 31 January 2016.



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