With the arctic temperatures of the past weeks, it was a matter of time for the beautiful Zell Lake to freeze. This week, the minimum ice-thickness reached 15 cm and the official ice-route between Zell am See and Thummersbach was opened.

What used to be a common thing in the earlier days is now a special situation that only occurs once in few years. Ice-walking or ice-skating between Zell, Thummersbach, Schuttdorf and Seecamp is therefore very popular.

Being a pleasure now, ice used to be a big business in the past: In 1884, the ice on the lake was 50 cm thick and the municipality of Zell am See managed to sell 3133 wagons to surrounding hotels and professional cooling-companies. In 1899, the lake froze on December 16 and the ice remained there for a period of 114 days.

Until 1950’s, winter car races were regularly organised on the lake. Some believe that with a bit of luck, we could see them again soon. In the meantime, lets enjoy the winter scenery.



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